CHILL CLEAR 12 Litres Pack

CHILL CLEAR 12 Litres Pack

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CHILL CLEAR™ is a transparent casting resin, with optical clarity, that offers excellent resistance to ultraviolet rays. With its low viscosity, and fast setting time you can pour up to ½ inch thick layers at a time. It is the perfect formula to fill cracks, voids or knots. It is commonly used for coasters or other project up to 1/2″ thick. It can be used to protect wooden tabletops or countertops. Also an ideal sealer to be applied on a surface before casting large quantity of epoxy resin. 

CHILL CLEAR™ is sold as a two-component kit: a resin (part A) and a hardener (part B). This epoxy resin can be applied on different surfaces: canvas, stone, wood.

Product Features:

-Ideal for projects up to 1/2” thick, in a single pour.
-It is commonly used for the for filling bigger cracks, voids, knots, CNC letter or signs.
-100% solid, without VOC
-Heat and Impact Resistance
-Very durable
-Water like viscosity to avoid bubbles
-Can be colored with metallic pigments.
-Very strong mechanical strength and Stress resistance

Product characteristiques:

-Easy Mixing Ratio: 2:1 by volume or 100/42 by weight
-Ideal Working Temperature: 22C /72F
-Pot Time: 60 minutes at 22C/72F depending on volumes and room temperature
-Cure Time: 24-78 hours depending on volume, room temperature, humidity level, and thickness of the casting
-Recommended Thickness per Layer: 1/16 up to 1/2″ per layer.
-Maximum Thickness in a single pour: 1/2″ max
-Cure Appearance: Optical Clarity
-Viscosity : 200 CPS Mixed – Very low Viscosity for a better penetration

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