.SURFACE COATING, Epoxy Resin, price per kit

  • C$69.00

Promotion: Order 4 or more in 11.1 L (3 gallons) kits at one time, $170.10 for 1 kit, please just order it directly, we will do the deduction when capture money. 

SURFACE COATING ... suitable for flood coating for table top and metallic flooring, is harder and more durable than GENERAL CASTING ... not suitable for casting, is lower look through and crisp.

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Two-component resin system, designed for surface coating of table top and metallic epoxy flooring. Surface Coating Epoxy is hard and more durable.

EYES: Flush with copious amounts of water lifting lids and removing contact lenses to ensure complete irrigation. Get medical attention. SKIN: Flush with water and then wash with soap and water, launder contaminated clothing before reuse. Get medical attention if irritation persists.

1), Mix 3 parts A with 1 part B by WEIGHT (or 2.7:1 by VOLUME) fully mix.
2), Self leveling, minimum pour thickness of 1/16” (150 ml/square foot)
3), POT LIFE: 15 Minutes (100 ml at 77 degrees F).
4), DO NOT TOUCH within 7 days for fully cured.

Recommended 55 degrees F. to 85 degrees F., with tightly sealed lids, avoid from direct sunlight.
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