BESSEY K Body® REVO™ JR, Parallel Clamp, Pack/2, (2 Variants)

  • $70.00

Price for Set of 2 Pieces

Product details:

  • Up to 900 lbs clamp force
  • Jaws accurate at 90 degree angles
  • Three large removable (for cleaning or replacement) pressure caps. Resistant to glue, paint and solvents.
  • Rail protection pieces, Pieces work to isolate and elevate the workpiece from the rail.
  • Large clamp surface, wood grip handle


SKU Clamping capacity Throat depth Clamping force
KRJR-18 18 Inch 3-1/4 Inch 900 lbs
KRJR-36 36 Inch 3-1/4 Inch 900 lbs
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