Walrus Oil

Introduction from Walrus Oil ... Our story begins in 2010 when founder Dave Darr was refinishing antique furniture in Grand Rapids, Michigan and started experimenting with unique ingredients that could be used as a wood finish. Years later while producing 100’s of cutting boards a day we found ourselves needing a quality wood conditioner that was simple to use, food-safe, and void of harmful chemicals. All the products we tried were either unsatisfactory or lacked transparency (we didn't know what was in it), so we refined years of R&D working with our own ingredients and created what we called “Walrus Oil”. A totally food-safe, single-step wood finish solution!

1. SAND - Sand wood with high-grit sand paper, at least 220. To prevent raised grain some people will wet the board after it's first sand, dry, then sand again.
2. APPLY - Pour a small amount of Walrus Oil directly on the wood and begin working it into the wood with a rag or your hands with vinyl gloves on. Generally a little bit goes a long way.
3. DRY - Apply Walrus Oil and dry for specified times below:
   12 - 24 Hours - Cutting Board Oil or Pure Mineral Oil
   24 - 48 Hours - Furniture Finish
   15 Minutes - Wood Wax
4. BUFF - Wipe or buff away any excess residue after drying period. Board may still be slightly damp to touch until fully cured.
5. REPEAT (If needed) - Apply second coat if needed, but most projects should not require more than two coats of finish.