EZ-400-3 E-Z Knife™ Threaded Insert for Hard Wood - Brass - 10-24 (Pack of 25)

  • C$17.99

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Matching Bolts and Washers: EZB1024-34

Matching installation tool: EZ-500-2

This can be used for our tubing legs and hairpin legs. CAN NOT be used for our pipe legs.


  • Designed for use in hard woods, like oak, cherry, and maple.
  • Superior hard wood holding power
  • Ideal for use wherever assembly or disassembly could lead to thread erosion or stripping
  • Easily installs with a screwdriver, bolt/jam nut, or optional drive tool


E-Z Knife threaded inserts are typically installed with the slots up. The slots accommodate a screwdriver or E-Z LOK drive tool. For harder woods, screwdriver installation isn't practical. Installation can be accomplished with the drive tool or using a bolt and jam nuts. When using the bolt/jam nuts installation technique, the slotted end of the insert can be either up or down.


E-Z Lok P/N: 400-3
For Use in: Hard Wood
Specific Material Use: N/A
Sub-Category: N/A
Style: Knife Thread
Material: Brass
System of Measurement: Inch
Internal Thread: 10-24
External Thread: N/A
Installed Length: 0.5
Drill Size: 25/64
Tap Size: N/A
Minimum Full Thread Depth: N/A
Installation Tool P/N: 500-2
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