Epoxy Resin Canada, Slow-Q Casting

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Slow-Q Casting epoxy resin is 100% solid, premium quality for art and woodworking of medium to large volume casting, 1.5" deep pour.

Slow curing, low heat and temperature, up to 1.5" thick each pour
Crystal clear, high see through
Thin liquid easy to handle, no bubble, self-Leveling
Excellent color stability with pigments
100% solids, low VOC, low odor


  1. EYES: Flush with copious amounts of water lifting lids and removing contact lenses to ensure complete irrigation. Get medical attention.
  2. SKIN: Flush with water and then wash with soap and water, launder contaminated clothing before reuse. Get medical attention if irritation persists.
  3. INHALATION: Remove to fresh air and assist breathing as necessary. Get Medical attention.
  4. INGESTION: If appreciable amounts have been swallowed, get medical attention.

Make sure wear protective gloves and goggles during mixing and pour of resin Make sure wear safety glasses during mixing and pour of resin
  1. Mix 3 parts A with 1 part B by weight (or 2.7 : 1 by volume) into cleaned mixing container. Fully mix with a paddle, carefully scrape the wall and bottom of container, ensuring no streaks.
  2. POT LIFE: 30 Minutes (100 ml at 77 degrees F). SET TO TOUCH: 24 to 48 hours. CURE TIME: 72 to 96 hours depending on ambient temperature, humidity and thickness
POUR THICK: The chemical reaction between resin and hardener will generate heat. For larger volume batches, the uncontrolled heat build-up, can foam, smoke and burn, the high temperature can melt its plastic container. If you mix larger batches of resin and hardener, for example pour river table top (especially summer)
  1. Pour maximum 1.5” thick at working temperature not more than 65 F.
  2. Try anything you can to cool down chemical reactions, working in air conditioned shop, using big fan, put in fridge before mix, all can help.


Recommended 55 degrees F. to 85 degrees F., with tightly sealed lids, avoid from direct sunlight

Download here the MSDS

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