epoxy resin Canada, time-saver

Epoxy Resin Canada, Time Saver, 2.8 Litres Kit

  • C$55.00

Time Saver epoxy resin is 100% solid, premium quality for art and woodworking, suitable for filling small cracks and voids, harden in 4 hours.

Tips of use:
1, Make sure measure by weight, and a small kitchen scale is a must.
2, First put 2 part of resin to mixing container, then 1 part of the hardener, totally 3 parts.


  1. EYES: Flush with copious amounts of water lifting lids and removing contact lenses to ensure complete irrigation. Get medical attention.
  2. SKIN: Flush with water and then wash with soap and water, launder contaminated clothing before reuse. Get medical attention if irritation persists.
  3. INHALATION: Remove to fresh air and assist breathing as necessary. Get Medical attention.
  4. INGESTION: If appreciable amounts have been swallowed, get medical attention.

Make sure wear protective gloves and goggles during mixing and pour of resin
1), Mix 2 parts A with 1 part B by WEIGHT (or 1.8:1 by VOLUME) fully mix.
2), Set to touch in 30 minutes to 4 hours, for volume 2 - 50 ml.
3), Suggested volume of use: 2 - 50 ml, more volume may result overheating, smoke and cracks
4), POT LIFE: 10 Minutes (20 ml at 70 degrees F).

Recommended 55 degrees F. to 85 degrees F., with tightly sealed lids, avoid from direct sunlight.

Download here the MSDS

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