E-PK-M Pump Kit for 1 Gallon Kit Epoxy, Set/2

  • C$3.00

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Price for set of 2 pieces

Suitable for 1 Gallon Kit Epoxy, either General Casting or Slow-Q Casting, received after March 5 (Please send us picture to confirm suitable or not if you received epoxy before March 5)
NOT suitable for 3 Gallon Kit Epoxy, Surface Coating Epoxy, Time-Saver Epoxy.

Epoxy is thick, TIPS OF USE:
1), Please be patient and pumping slowly for each pumping, and give enough time for pump head to fully rise up and recover after each pumping.
2), For first use, it may take a few slowly pumping, before resin start coming out.

ATTENTION: Hardener is thin, please make sure WEAR GLASSES when pump hardener.

3 pump of resin to 1 pump of hardener ... still we strongly suggest you use accurate kitchen scale to measure by weight ratio, as each pump can be slightly different because speed of press or so.

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