epoxy resin general cast vs slow-q deep pour cast

How to select, General Casting or Slow-Q Casting?

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1, Cast small object? General Casting.
2, Filling Voids, Cracks, and Defects in Wood? General Casting.
3, Pour table surface coating, or floor coating? General Casting.
4, Pour large batch and thick? for example river table … you have good working space and willing to wait for 3 days for curing, Slow-Q … you have limited working space or limited time, General Casting, make multi-pour and finish in 24 hours

The difference:
1, Pot time: About 15 minutes for General Casting, while 30 minutes to 1 hour for Slow-Q Casting
2, Pour maximum 1/2" thick for General Casting, while maximum 1.5" thick for Slow-Q Casting (at 65 F or lower)
3, Harden time 8 to 24 hours for General Casting, while 2 to 4 days for Slow-Q Casting (leave longer time for fully cure, de-molding, sanding and machining)

When pour river table, workshop temperature effect chemical reaction so much.
1, In summer, pour in air conditioned workshop not higher than 65 F ... A large fans helps cool down reaction heat. Put resin and hardener in refrigerator before mixing also help cool down. Do NOT use heating gun, bubbles will disappear themselves ... If you can, always pour thinner to reduce risk of over heating.
2, In winter, a heated workshop is necessary, try to pour at temperature not lower than 50 F, otherwise slow reaction make curing much longer, and lower transparent of epoxy

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