Finish Storage Bag - StopLossBags™

  • C$5.00

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StopLossBags™ help preserve the fresh off-the-shelf quality of wood finishes. By transferring the finish from the original can into a StopLossBag™, evaporation and oxidation are reduced, allowing the finish to remain closer to its original quality for an extended time. The bags are reusable after flushing out with the appropriate solvent.

  • Holds 1.0 litre of liquid finishes.
  • Made from 7.5-mil thick, three-ply plastic.
  • Base of the bag is designed to stand upright during pouring and storage.
  • Use for oil, water and alcohol based finishes.
  • Note: Not for use with finishes containing methyl ethyl ketone, lacquer thinner or acetone.
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