Black Diamond Pigments, Variety Packs (15 Variants)

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  • Black Diamond Pigments
  • Variety packs are 5g for each color 50g total for the 10 color packs. 
  • Pack #8 are 5g for each color 100g total for the 20 color packs.
  • Epoxy : Pigment about 200:1 to 40:1 by weight
  • Non-Toxic, animal friendly, irritant free, and gentle on skin
  • PLEASE test, evaluate, and determine suitability of pigment before full application.
  • Melting Point 1200-1800*F // pH: 6.0-9.0 4% H2O

    Variety Pack Details 
  • Variety Pack #1
    Pure White, Caribbean Blue, Mahogany, Battleship Grey, Vivid Orange, Imperial Pink/Redish, Tuscan Sunset ,Liberty Copper, Cobalt Blue ,Blue/Green
  • Variety Pack #2  
    Aluminium, Liquid Metal Pearl, Bora Bora Blue, Ghost Satin Green, Pure White, Silver Pearl ,Black Onyx ,Roman Gold, Hunter Green, Gold/ Orange
  • Variety Pack #3 
    Scarlet, Purple Haze, Diamond Gold ,Striling Orange, Silver Pearl, Pink Pearl, Jungle Green, Burple, Liquid Fire, Ghost Satin Red
  • Variety Pack #4 
    Deep Blue Sea, Emerald Green, Green Envy ,Black Onyx, Silver Pearl ,Pure Gold IR Blue, Pure Pearl White ,Purple Haze,Imperial Pink/Redish
  • Variety Pack #5
    Kiwi ,Merlot, Liquid Fire, IR Green, Black Onyx ,Gold/Orange, Ghost Gold Pearl, Green Envy, Roman Gold, Lux Green
  • Variety Pack #6
    Lux Blue, Black Diamond, Diamond Gold ,Diamond Liquid Fire, Diamond Deep Blue Sea, White Diamond Effect ,Ghost Copper Pearl ,Copper Penny ,Blue Slate, Diamond Battleship Grey
  • Variety Pack #7
    Lux Violet, Sparkling Merlot, Ghost Blue Pearl ,Purple Haze Diamond Effect, Cobalt Blue, Aztec Gold ,Red Glitter ,Jungle Green ,Silver Pearl, Golden Indigo
  • Variety Pack #8
    Variety Pack 6 + Variety Pack #7
  • Variety Pack #10
    Lux Violet, Lux Green ,Lux Blue, Lux Blue Mauve, Lux Turquoise, Lux Deep Sea Blue ,Lux Blue Violet, Lux Gold, Lux White, Lux Bronze
  • Variety Pack #12
    Sparkling Merlot, Black Diamond, Vivid Diamond Orange, Diamond Emerald Green ,Diamond Purple Haze, Diamond Battleship Grey, Diamond Aluminium, Diamond Deep Blue Sea, Diamond Kiwi ,Diamond Silver Pearl
  • Variety Pack #15
    Deep Blue Sea ,Blue Slate ,Midnight Blue ,Burple ,Iridescent Blue, Caribbean Blue, Lux Blue ,Blue/ Green, Cambridge Blue
  • Variety Pack #16 ... different than before
    Bermuda Blue Galaxy, Starry Night, Diamond Aluminium, Green Apple, The Midas Touch, Kiwi, Black Onyx, Savage, Bora Bora Blue, Medieval Copper
  • Variety Pack #17
  • Maple Honey Dew, Golden Indigo, Golden, Purple Rain, Sahara Sunset,Deep Blue Sea, Battleship Grey, Blue/ Green, Pure Pearl White, Silver Pearl, Black Onyx
  • Variety Pack #18
    Copper Penny, Enchanted Forest, Liberty Copper, Dragons Breath, Aztec Gold, Gold/Orange, Satin Gold, Hazelnut, Purple Haze, Ghost Blue
  • Variety Pack #21
    Purple Galaxy, Golden Galaxy, Turquoise Galaxy, Bermuda Blue Galaxy, Imperial Purple Galaxy, Ruby Red Galaxy, Titanium Galaxy, Light Blue Galaxy, Starry Night, Holographic Galaxy
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